Topics I Should Be Working On For You

Thanks to the folks who kindly responded to my quick survey. It's still open if you want to share your thoughts!

Topics for me to explore and come up with some ideas for you:

  • Audience engagement/interaction. ('cause yeah, no one really likes sitting still and just listening for an hour).
  • Incorporating live data or data visualizations (ooh, a challenge for me!)
  • Saying what you need to say in the time allotted (tough, because you know so much about the topic!)
  • Storyboarding (be still my heart! Somebody gets it!)
  • Exiting the "weeds" gracefully when the discussion is off-topic (if you don't know the "parking lot" technique, you should).
  • Presenting "processes." (I'm thinking workflows, step-by-step instruction here--also a challenge to present effectively).
  • More creative slide designs (yes, yes, and YES!)

Your feedback is so very helpful for me to figure out where to focus my efforts. No need to cover topics you're likely to be comfortable with - let's skip to the tough stuff!

Thanks, and don't hesitate to contact me directly (hilyer AT gmail (dot) com) if you have particular suggestions or ideas!