Lee Andrew Hilyer, MLIS, M.Ed.

Librarian, Author, Opinionated Presentation Expert, Lego Fan, Sometime Baker
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20+ Years of Library Experience

MLIS, University of South Carolina, 1995

M.Ed., Instructional Technology, University of Houston, 2006

Head of Information & Access Services at the
University of Houston Libraries

Member of the Texas Library Association


I never thought I'd write one book, much less three...


Presentations for Librarians: A Complete Guide to Creating Effective, Learner-Centred Presentations by Lee Andrew Hilyer, MLIS, M.Ed. ISBN: 1-84334-303-7. 2008. Available through Amazon.com. $69.95 Softcover; $99.95 Harcover


“Recent research on learning from multimedia presentations has indicated that the current way many people prepare their slide presentations may actually hinder learning. Considering the ubiquity of the PowerPoint presentation in business and in education, presenters should be concerned whether or not their audience members are effectively receiving the information they wish to impart. This issue is of special import for librarians who teach, as they often must convey complex information in a very limited amount of time. Combining the best evidence on multimedia learning with real-world practical guidelines, this book aims to provide novice and expert presenters alike with the tools they need to ensure an effective, learner-centred presentation.”

In addition to detailing the best evidence for how to structure and deliver your presentations, the book contains extensive practical tips on working with Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and StarOffice Impress.


Hilyer, L. A. (2006). Interlibrary loan and document delivery: Best practices for operating and managing interlibrary loan services in all libraries. New York: Haworth Information Press.


Hilyer, L. A. (2002). Interlibrary loan and document delivery in the larger academic library: A guide for university, research, and larger public libraries. Binghamton, NY: Haworth Information Press.

Opinionated Presentation Expert

I've taught PowerPoint and presentation skill classes since 2002, obtained a second master's in instructional design and technology, written a book on presentations, and coached many to presentation success.

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Member of the Society for Technical Communication


Hello, my name is Lee,
and I'm an AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego).

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You like cake? I sure do.

A few years ago I even thought I might want to be a baker, so I blogged about it. 

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Being Curious is Cool

Taler du dansk? Denmark. Scandinavian Design. Etc., etc. When I'm interested in something I'll dig into the topic. I've explored Lego, baking, financial planning, facilitation, leadership, hiking, and learning new languages. Every year brings a new round of experiences and knowledge. Since Summer 2016, I've been interested in personal productivity and managing your personal information flow. Big fan of the Bullet Journal method.

Oops - that photo above is NOT of "Soto:The Houston Impenetrable." That is actually a photo I took of a barrel cactus in West Texas.